Do you blog about birds? Tell us about your blog, then check out our ever-growing list of Aiken Audubon bird bloggers!

The ABA Blog
To some, birding is sport…to others, a pastime… to all, FUN! This is a blog of the American Birding Association where stories will be told and adventures will unfold. Your participation in this blog is highly encouraged!

Rare bird sightings and stories from around the ABA Area, written by Bill Maynard.

Bill Schmoker’s Nature & Birding Blog. While Bill isn’t an official member of Aiken Audubon, he is kind enough to be a regular speaker here. If you enjoy his programs (and who doesn’t?), be sure to visit his birding and photography blog.

The Eyrie
Blog for young birders managed by Saraiya Ruano. Posts have included book reviews, interviews, quizzes and interesting articles about birding around the world. I bet even not-so-young readers will enjoy reading The Eyrie.

Nature Narratives
Melissa Walker posts several times per month, sharing her nature writing from her own “archives” plus new experiences. Discover or review the flora, fauna, geology and ecology of the Pikes Peak Region and Colorado in only a few paragraphs at a time. Melissa would like to especially highlight her article on swift migration, which happens every year in September. You can find it at

Mountain Plover
This is a shameless plug for Aiken webmaster Leslie Holzmann’s birding and gardening blog. You might recognize a few of the articles that have been reprinted in the Aikorns, but there are plenty more beside. Her photos are in a linked gallery at Mountain Plover.

Rural Chatter
While Beverly isn’t an “official” Aiken member, she welcomed us warmly when our field trips visited her (previous) home in La Veta. Her occasional blog posts chronicle the extensive list of birds that come to her yard. And these aren’t just ordinary birds. Hundreds of Rosy-finches dominate in winter, mixed with Evening Grossbeaks, Cassin’s Finches, and many others. Hummingbirds arrive in summer. Beverly also writes about gardening with native plants.

Are you part of Aiken Audubon? Do you write a birding blog? We’d like to know about it! Send us your url and a short blurb!

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