Pinello Ranch Offers Good Birding

The Pinello Ranch covers over 200 acres, It is located just north of Venetucci Farm, at 4940 S. US Hwy 85/87 in Widefield*. The ranch has long kept local birders’ mouths watering for an opportunity to explore this secret world. With over half a dozen ponds, and with riparian habitat bordering Fountain Creek, this is truly a wildlife oasis.

The ranch is being slowly brought back to life by the Pikes Peak Community Foundation (PPCF), who own and operate Venetucci Farm. Hay meadows are being restored, a historic apple orchard is being replanted and a dozen or so cows are grazing. The ranch also provides the same type of outstanding wildlife habitat as Fountain Creek Regional Park a few miles downstream, which has documented 290 bird species and obtained Important Birding Area (IBA) status from Audubon of Colorado.

The long term goal is to make Pinello Ranch self-sustaining. To do so will mean that both agricultural and wildlife aspects are managed together. The first step in this process will be surveying the bird population, adding a listing to the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s (CDOW) Colorado Birding Trail and applying for IBA status.

You can see a short video about programs offered at Pinello Ranch here.

Volunteers are being sought for bird surveys, tours and help with the IBA process. If interested please contact David Rudin,

Current Trips

Due to a current wetlands mitigation project, trips are currently on hiatus. Programs will resume once the project is completed.



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