We need you!

Aiken Audubon is a volunteer organization. Whether you have a lot of time to offer, or just a few minutes every once in a while—we need you! Here are some opportunities:

Elected Board Members

Elected members include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. According to Aiken tradition, the elected board’s tenure lasts for a three-year term. This allows outgoing members to rest and recharge while new volunteers bring in fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Current board members are elected in May, every three years. (Some are appointed replacements for those who could not finish out their terms for various reasons.)

Board meetings are usually held the first Wednesday of alternating months (September – May) 6:15 – 8:00pm. Rarely, an extra meeting is scheduled. Location varies; contact a board member for the latest information.

Elected Board Members

Elected members include President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Appointed Board Members

The rest of the board is appointed by the president, and includes the newsletter editor/webmaster, program chair, conservation chair, publicity chair, field trip coordinator, education chair, hospitality chair, and Christmas bird count coordinator.


Board members have the opportunity to get involved in various other issues that affect Aiken Audubon and our mission of education and conservation.

Hospitality Chair: Kathy Minch is resigning after our May 2018 meeting, and the board is looking for a replacement. This person is responsible for coordinating the amazing snacks (including drinks) we enjoy at our meetings. You can make the goodies yourself, arrange for others to make them, or purchase pre-made snacks. (Costs can be reimbursed within the allocated budget.)

Education Chair: Aiken is called upon to provide speakers for civic groups and school children of all ages. This would be an opportunity to work with fellow board members and other volunteers to develop programs to be used in presentations at schools, scout groups, various club meetings, etc. As Education Chair, you could offer to go yourself, or you can compile a list of potential presenters. Not everyone is suited for every group. We are looking for a special someone to serve our community and the birds.

Field Trip Leaders

Do you like to go birding? Would you like to have some company on your birding outings? You can be a beginner or an expert at bird identification. We are looking for people who know an area where birds are plentiful, or who are willing to find out. You set the date and time and we advertise the trip. This is one of those opportunities that can flex to accommodate your available time—it can be a one-time trial, or you can lead trips on an ongoing basis. We all need to pitch in and volunteer to lead trips. You don’t need to be a power birder to say, “Let’s go birding!”

Newsletter/Website Contributor

Would you like to write interesting or amusing articles about birds, birding, or related topics? Do you paint, sketch, or photograph bird-related subjects? Have you read a good book that other birders would enjoy? Are you aware of an upcoming event that would interest other Aiken members? What birding adventures have you had? Know any good bird jokes?

Share your knowledge and experience with us. We’ll consider anything you send in. Submissions go to current editor Leslie Holzmann; send email (preferred) to AikenAudubon@GMail.com or give her a call at (719) 964-3197.


Remember, no one expects you to do all the work yourself. A successful leader delegates responsibilities and tasks. The more people who are involved, the more chapter stakeholders we have, and the less work any one person has to perform. Let’s all get involved. Let’s do something for the birds!

Contact the current Aiken President or any board member for more information on any open position or to volunteer.


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