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Everyone is welcome to our meetings, with free programs of interest to nature fans of all ages. You can also find current information about upcoming birding trips and other events. Check our other links for helpful information, recent sightings, more birding opportunities, and ways you can get involved as an Aiken volunteer and/or citizen scientist. Finally, don’t miss our current newsletter! Learn more about Aiken Audubon.

Aiken News

  • Extended deadline! Calling all photographers! Aiken is accepting submissions for the 2015 Birds of Colorado calendar. Our theme this year is “Marshes, Rivers, and Lakes.” All photos must be received by August 22, 2014. See details: “2015 calendar photo entry form.”
  • We’re adding new field trips all the time.
  • Our free programs continue Wednesday, September 17. Meanwhile, we hope you have a bird-filled summer.
  • Updates are constantly being added to our Conservation News page. Many require immediate action. More opportunities are found in the Citizen Science section. Don’t miss your opportunity to make a difference.
  • Aiken Audubon is seeking an Education Chair. This would be an opportunity to work with fellow board members and other volunteers to develop programs to be used in presentations at schools, scout groups, various club meetings, etc. Contact Aiken President, Christine Bucher at (719) 596-2916 for more information on this position or to volunteer.
  • Do you blog about birds? Tell us about your blog, then check out our ever-growing list of Aiken Audubon bird bloggers!

Look for the Aiken Audubon Society on Facebook! Wes, our Western Screech Owl mascot, will keep you updated with all the latest happenings, as well as photos and plenty of comments. See you there!

Birding News

  • 10 Things You Can Do For Birds: Plant a garden. Be a citizen scientist. Join “Lights Out.” Your steps can make a difference. Learn more…
  • Paton’s is saved! If you’ve ever been to Patagonia, Arizona, you’ve surely stopped by Paton’s to see the birds.  Here’s an update from the American Bird Conservancy:
    Paton’s Birder Haven, southeast Arizona’s mecca for thousands of birders worldwide, is now assured of long-term protection following a successful and spirited international fundraising campaign. American Bird Conservancy (ABC), Tucson Audubon Society, and Victor Emanuel Nature Tours worked together to raise the funds to acquire the historic property. More than 1,000 bird-lovers—many former visitors to the Paton property—answered the call for contributions, with several of them recounting their memories of the site and donating as a way of paying tribute. For more details please see http://www.abcbirds.org/newsandreports/releases/140220a.html .
  • Did you know that National Audubon has a Raptor Map? This interactive map includes everything from raptor rehab facilities and Audubon nature centers to great places for hawk and eagle watching. Add your favorite raptor spot, share photos and leave tips for other birders. Learn more on our Local Birding page, or go directly to the map website.

Photos of the Moment

Have a photo you want to share? Send it to us at  AikenAudubon@gmail.com for possible inclusion here.

These three dragonflies were out and flying, which was more than could be said for the birds. Photos: Leslie Holzmann, Bitter Lake NWR, New Mexico.

BitterLakeNWR-NM_LAH_9074f BitterLakeNWR-NM_LAH_9108f


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